Funaki music :

⟼ Martial Eagle single (2020)

© Funaki
⟼ Cover art: Egil Martin Kurdøl

Lyrics to Martial Eagle written by Egil Martin Kurdøl


I see everything from high above,

The river floats forever down below

Lots of hippos and the big monitor (lizard)

I dive down until you all disappear

My purpose gives me energy – to maintain the balance for us all.

Take on black mambas without fear

I know my duty even if it seems hard to bear

I see the sleepy salamander

He always walks alone

Leave him in the darkest places

Something will remain unknown

My cousin working hard underground –

The honeybadger doing his part of the deal

Together with the crocodile we rule water, air and the ground.

I deeply love to see the malachite kingfisher – a relative so fabulous and colourful and dear to me –

My purpose gives me courage to maintain balance for us all.